Posthuma Partners

Competition and stringent regulations pose a challenge to every insurer, broker agency or expert organisation.Posthuma Partners, an internationally oriented software house and actuarial consultancy firm, provides solutions for financial Risk Management. 

Risk Management - that's what it's all about

Risk Management has become a key strategic factor. Good risk management not only provides transparent insight into the financial situation of a company or a portfolio, but is also the basis for:

  • fair value calculations in IAS/IFRS or UK or US GAAP-accounting
  • determination of sustainable solvency requirements
  • improving the profitability of the business.

Good risk management is therefore a key step towards the efficient allocation of capital.

Intelligent actuarial and financial software

We develop and implement intelligent actuarial and financial software, based on various mathematical models. This enables you to access your insurance portfolio in a structured and sustainable way, from any different (risk) angle you demand.

Scientific validation, evidence based

Posthuma Partners differs from the standard. Our software is validated by a committee of scientists in The Netherlands and abroad. (Inter)national clients appreciate our solutions for more than 15 years and benefit from the advantages everyday.   Statement validation CMF. Statement validation IFM