Regulatory demands: ORSA, Solvency II, IAS/IFRS

The past 10 years regulatory demands have increased significantly: more rules, more transparency. A lot of extra work has to be done in order to comply to all these regulations, like ORSA, Solvency II, IAS/IFRS. An integral and structured approach is needed to keep the overview.

Integral Financial Modelling®, IFM®, is ideal to comply with all the above mentioned demands. All standard facts and figures are automatically produced and there is an audit trail for regulatory purposes.

With IFM®, a portfolio is valued in such a way that the necessary information about the adequacy of the loss reserve and solvency, in agreement with Solvency II and Regulatory Reporting, is easily obtained. Actuarial calculations in IFM®, such as stochastic discounting and risk adjustments on Cost of Capital, are straightforwardly produced because of its continuous analytical approach for future cash flow loss payments.

IFM® is therefore an excellent tool for internal and external actuarial certification on annual or quarterly results as needed by ORSA or Solvency II.

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