STP claims management

“The smartest plug-in for non-life insurers.”

More than 12 years is invested in this data analytics claims technology by Posthuma Partners. The combination of data analytics with actuarial and mathematical knowledge has resulted in a unique and powerful ‘plug-in’ for non-life insurers and service providers: the ‘Claims Management Filter', CMF®. CMF® is an unique real-time statistical data analytics plug-in for the processing of claims in motor, home, travel and health.

The technology is validated by professors of 2 different Universities and has an installed base in 6 countries with insurers and service providers.

CMF® is unique for 2 reasons:

  • Realtime: on the base of your claims database a set of statistical rules is generated, your own technical rules are also applied (and optimized if necessary). This allows realtime assessment of every claim based on all the data in your claims database. Every claim is assessed on all statistical and technical rules and uses all the knowledge out of your own claims database. Maximum control and always the right Straight Through Processing.
  • Benchmarking: by using our installed base an exact benchmarking of your claims compared to the market is possible, allowing you to improve your results fact based.

Client Solutions:

  • Controlled increase of your percentage STP (up to 50%).
  • Claims ratio improvement (5% - 40% ) through enhanced attention for ‘odd’ small and medium claims that would otherwise slip through your technical rules, and the possibility of benchmarking.        
  • Risk- and fraud control: 100% statistical and technical control on every claim (no ‘odd’ claim gets unnoticed).
  •  Frequent optimization and additions to all technical and statistical rules (necessary because claims vary over time).
  • Backlog/workflow management through our adjustable dashboard.
  • Very simple installation as a web service outside and not inside your legacy.


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