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  • Strategic Partnership between SecondFloor and Posthuma Partners  4 December 2017
    Posthuma Partners signed a strategic partnership with Secondfloor in the 4th quarter of 2017. The partnership combines top-level Actuarial software and Solvency II solutions for the European Insurance Market.
  • Posthuma Partners collaboration with Merimen.  13 September 2017
    The partnership brings 80 years of experience in the industry and a solid reputation. With the collaboration of the two companies, insurers have the opportunity to receive the highest possible quality of claims management software.
  • Marc Dijkstra at the 5th Asia Motor Insurance  24 February 2017
    March 2017. Marc Dijkstra will speak at the 5th Asia Motor Insurance & Claims Management Conference in Manila on March 28th, 2017. He will explain the benefits of using actuarial statistics combined with validated software in his presentation "Effective Use of Actuarial Statistics to Control your Motor Portfolio".
  • Statement validation for CMF and IFM  23 February 2017
    February 2017. Now available the statements for validation of CMF and IFM by E.A. Cator and E.W. van Zwet.
  • Posthuma Partners enters the German insurance market  15 February 2017
    February 2017. We are happy to announce that we are on the right track with our new German partner, Matthias Bonikowski, based in Cologne, who will introduce IFM and CMF on behalf of Posthuma Partners on the German market. In Germany, the insurance industry offers sustained risk protection and long-term precautions for citizens and industry alike. Its sustained long-term capital investment makes it an anchor of stability in the financial markets. Property and casualty insurance covers an enormous range of risks for individuals and companies—from bicycles to wind turbines. Of the good 301 million policies in private and commercial property and casualty insurance, over 110 million risks are insured in motor insurance. A sound 54 million agreements are attributable to private property assurance, above all for protection against damage to contents and homes.
  • Success in Bangkok  31 January 2017
    January 2017. We had a good start in 2017 with our end of January visit to Bangkok. We strengthened our cooperation with Team Excellence Consulting Company Ltd., an independent actuarial and consulting firm and TBN Software Company Ltd. , a software company both registered and having their offices in Bangkok. Together we will serve the Thai market. And successfully as we already have a couple of prospects for motor portfolio analysis using our Claims Management Filter. We are looking forward to work together and give our clients an innovative and competitive edge to the Thai market.
  • New updates within IFM  24 May 2016
    Three innovations have been added to IFM. Our team has developed a number of additional options to work easier and more efficient with IFM
  • Posthuma Partners has moved  13 January 2016
    Posthuma Partners has moved her offices to Gouda. We are located at Zuidelijk Halfrond 1. We are all settled in now and enjoying our new location.
  • Peter van Meel, new partner at Posthuma Partners  2 October 2015
    Peter van Meel MSc AAG joined the Posthuma Partners’ team as of October 1st, 2015, in order to support the further growth of our company in the Netherlands as well as internationally. As a new partner Peter will also take over some of the activities of Bouke Posthuma.
  • New IFM 5.2 release  25 September 2015
    On September 24th, 2015, Posthuma Partners launched a new release (5.2) of their IFM software. With this version we can now identify diversification effects which for most portfolios will be positive with lower solvency requirements as a result – and it makes IFM a tool to further increase those diversification benefits.
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