Posthuma Partners invests in growth stragegy

The Hague/Rotterdam, May 31st, 2013. Actuarial Consultancy and Software CompanyPosthuma Partners is pleased to announce the appointment of Marc Dijkstra (47) to the role of Managing Partner of Posthuma Partners Marc will focus his attention on client relationships. He brings a wealth of experience from earlier managerial positions in the financial and commercial fields within the AEGON Group, and, during the last 9 years, at ‘365’ (previously ArboNed). Founder Bouke Posthuma will take up the position of Technical Director and will primarily be engaged in the development and implementation of actuarial software.

In the last 10 years Posthuma Partners has, in addition to its consultancy practice, increasingly focused its attention on the development of software tools and models, especially in the fields of claims reserving, working capital management support, claims management and Solvency II. This has enabled  property and casualty, health and income insurance companies to not only effectuate their actuarial and financial functions at much lower cost, but also to provide management with insight into commercial and financial scenarios.

In view of the increase in demand for (risk) management tools and advisory services for property and casualty, health and income insurance Posthuma Partners has also entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Actuarial Bureau Arcturus to provide an even higher level of service to new and existing customers.

Arcturus has a team of highly qualified and experienced actuaries. For the largest Dutch insurers they have successfully completed a variety of projects, such as risk management and product development in the field of income insurance, car insurance and other P&C branches. Also in the fields of Solvency II and claims reserve adequacy testing Arcturus has extensive experience. This broad experience and deep knowledge of the insurance market, together with a tailor-made approach, make Arcturus an ideal partner.

Arcturus is familiar with the software of Posthuma Partners and will incorporate the software into the range of tools available to clients. In this way the software will become available for a larger group of clients, and the capacity for implementing and servicing Posthuma Partners’ software has considerably increased.

As a first joint proposition Posthuma Partners and Arcturus offer a tool for the validation of claims reserves in line with the Solvency II requirements.

Posthuma Partners was established in 1997 by Bouke Posthuma and offers well-recognized and highly valued software with ancillary advisory services to insurance companies in The Netherlands and abroad.

Arcturus is an actuarial consultancy company specialized in income insurance and property and casualty insurance, and was established in 2000 by Jan Hooper.


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