Posthuma Partners presents IFM Light

January 2013. IFM Light contains all the basic features of the loss reserving software Integral Financial Modeling (IFM). Just give us a call and you will receive the package by email with no strings attached. IFM Light gives the possibility to:

-    Model runoff tables based on a fully stochastic method. This method allows to model development curves and ultimate loss ratios separately.
-    Model runoff tables while utilizing the relationship between paid and incurred tables based on a fully stochastic method.
-    Analyze reserve risk and premium risk integrally
-    Check the quality of a created model with several visual aids.
-    Generate full probability distributions of various predictions (loss reserves, payments per accounting period, etc.), such that any moment or percentile can be calculated.

Basic instructions can be found on this website under Video instructions.

For your convenience some datasets are included in IFM Light, but it is also possible to import your own datasets. Try it out and let us know what you think! 

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