Workshop IFM for the members of the AIRC

October 2014. As we are in Taipei next week for the 18th East Asian Actuarial Conference we take this opportunity to organize a workshop Integral Financial Modelling (IFM) for members of the Actuarial Institute of the Republic China (AIRC). The workshop is scheduled on Thursday October 16th, 2014 at 14:00 PM.

In the seminar we will address the mathematical and statistical basis for the IFM model  and the highly predictive powers of the model, which is able to use both paid and incurred runoff triangles (individually or simultaneously), to work with negative values and to cope with the incompleteness of data. We will compare its predictive power with less sophisticated, but widely used methods as the Chainladder and its variants, such as the Bornhütter Fergusonmethod. Finally, we will illustrate how the reserves are calculated and the required risk based capital is determined – and how a portfolio can be managed to optimize a company’s return on capital.

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