Curious? Check your claim.

Received a claim? Should you do the payment directly, should you call the customer for more information or should you send an expert to have a look? Send us your case and we will respond to you quickly.

For the use of CMF® customer information is confidential and protected. However it is possible to explain the CMF® effiency with anonymous data or even with your own data. This will be realized within a few days.


Send us a specification of the damage amount, with an complete damage calculation (V90), so we can make an accurate estimation based on statistics. In the case you send to we need information about: 

  • The car brand
  • The car model
  • The year of manufacture
  • The cause of damage 
  • The damage amount 
  • The damage calculation
  • The focus point 
  • The number of counterparties
  • The fuel type

You can also contact us for other questions:
+ 31 182 231 266

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