Posthuma Partners is continuously searching for innovations and improvements. Developments within the insurance industry are quickly integrated and of course we always try to incorporate demands from customers.

Before any version is released the software is extensively tested and scientifically validated.

See Statement validation CMF.

2016 CMF®

2013 CMF® 3.0.5
The statistical model was extended to estimate extra variables.

2012 CMF® 3.0.4
Adjustments for the changes in the V90 format. Extension of the textzone codes to 3 positions and an update of record 420/01.

2011 CMF®
Extension of rule types.

2010 CMF® 3.0.1-3
More user friendly rules generator.

2009 CMF®
The algorithms for the decision model are modified. A tool to estimate the statistical parameters was developed to replace the DOS based GLM package.

2008 CMF®
The statistical filter was adjusted, CMF® was extended with a classification of assessors and the Management Information was extended.

2008 CMF®
Claims in DAT format could be processed.

2007 CMF®
CMF® was extended to process more V90 records.

2007 CMF®,
CMF® was extended with a classification of repair shops.

2006 CMF®
The rules generator was extended in order to create more types of technical rules.

2005 CMF®
CMF® was extended with a rules generator web application.

2005 CMF® 2.4.1
Claims in V90 print format can be processed.

2005 CMF® 2.5.1
CMF® was extended with a management information web application.

 2004 CMF® 2.3.1
CMF® was released as a web service. Claims in V90 format are checked using the statistical and technical filter.

2003 CMF® 1.005
CMF® was released with the addition of the Technical filter.

In 2002 we started with the first version (1,001) of the Statistical filter.


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