IFM®, Integral Financial Modelling, is an unparalleled software tool that has been developed by Posthuma Partners since 2001. The software is scientifically validated by a committee of scientists in the Netherlands and abroad. It is recognized internationally and evidence based: (inter)national clients appreciate our solutions for more than 15 years and benefit from the advantages everyday.

IFM® offers substiantial benefits for each financial institution:

Faster and better control of risks

IFM® provides top quality statistic analyses. High-standard and clever actuarial/econometric stochastic models ensure a faster and better control of insurance risks.

Strong predictive power

IFM® has strong predictive power, due to the stochastic structure. Sound forecasting is one of the huge advantages using IFM® versus more traditional methods.

High quality management information

IFM® is flexible regarding time periods and incomplete loss triangles. This implies a more balanced transition with respect to reserving and working capital requirements. It therefore gives high quality management information through dynamic financial analysis.

Compliance with regulatory demands

IFM® is an excellent tool for internal and external actuarial certification on annual or quarterly results as needed by ORSA or Solvency II. All options within IFM® can also be fully used for a ‘full-audit’ trail, there is a simple interface with auditor and regulators.

Considerable cost-reduction

IFM® reduces the costs of your actuarial and financial department and/or improves the quality because a lot of work is done automatically.

High flexibility

IFM® is adaptable to your specific company and needs.

Stand-alone software

IFM® is stand-alone software, so there is no need for a high-risk system-integration.

Easy control and monitoring

Our clients say that they can easily control and monitor (outcomes of) IFM® by the various screens (click the picture to enlarge).

Ifm 5 Screenshot

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