Types of contracts

There are 2 types of contracts:

  • Data is supplied from our client to Posthuma Partners and we are making the calculations, scenarios and analysis ourselves, on a consultancy fee – basis
  • The client works with a license of our software

About 75% of our clients are working with a license, second option.

It’s in the end much cheaper and it gives you all the opportunities to explore the possibilities of our software. Licenses have a fixed fee, including support and new releases.


One of the advantages of our IFM® software is that implementation in your own ICT-environment is rather straightforward. Our software makes use of a web service which can be installed at your own (Intranet) server or at a web server of ours (with of course the usual safety-, privacy- and back-up procedures employed). The software is stand-alone and has no impact on your IT-environment. If so desired it can be fully integrated in your ICT-architecture.

For implementation of IFM® we will make, in cooperation with the client,  information analysis on distribution channels, (sub)branches, coverage and reinsurance programs – including description of import- and export-data from your own operation systems. We then prepare the parameterization and calibration of the modelling and we make a different analysis as platform for your own (management) needs. We will provide ‘training on the job’ on how to perform these steps smoothly. Implementation takes normally 2 weeks.


For IFM® we deal with a fixed annual fee, based on the number of branches and the premium income. New releases, training, primary actuarial support and independant validation of your portfolio are included. The number of people within your company using IFM® is unlimited.


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