Posthuma Partners is continuously searching for innovations and improvements. IFM® is ready for the new regulatory reporting. Knowledge is improved by participating international actuarial seminars. Developments within the insurance industry are quickly integrated and of course we always try to incorporate demands from customers.

Before any version is released the software is extensively tested and scientifically validated.

See Statement validation IFM.

Hereunder you will find the various IFM® releases.

IFM® - June 2016
The main developments are:

  • Optional use of one triangle or two triangle IFM version
  • Asynchronous solving
  • Bayesian method as an estimation option
  • Cost of capital based reserving as model option
  • Time value of money calculation on the basis of risk free yield curve as a model option
  • Audit functionalities extended

IFM® – May 2014
The main developments are:

  • It is now possible to analyse two-triangle models (combined paid and incurred) as well as single triangle models.
  • A great number of model settings have been added
  • Audit possibilities have been extensively enhanced

IFM® - Medio 2013
First version with combination of IFM® 4 and IFM® 3

IFM® - October 2012

  • Start aggregation date functionality
  • Completed table: percentiles given for individual elements and tow and column totals
  • Export results: parameters used for export now saved in an extra sheet

IFM® 4 - 2009-2012
For internal use only. First version of combined analysis for paid and incurred triangles.

IFM® - 2011

  • View values of aggregated cells (data points) instead of all indivudal cells
  • Graph for the loss reconciliation has been added
  • File menu extended with new functionalities (option screen, log file and preferred model changes)
  • Loss reconciliation table significantly extended
  • Truncate triangle: functionality to leave out first periods (any number of periods)

IFM® - 2009

  • Batch solving significantly enhanced
  • Context Help added. Rightclicking opens related topic in the Manual
  • Various functionalities are added to increase user-friendliness

IFM® - 2006

  • Database table structure changed to facilitate certifying loss pronision functionality
  • Export utility to transport data to another database is added
  • Input data and plausibility check is added

IFM® 2 - 2003
First release as software on an independent OS

IFM® 1 - 2000
Excel test version for one triangle






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