Claims Management Filter®


Why Claims Management Filter®

CMF®, Claims Management Filter®, is a high-end data analytics tool that makes handling claims much more efficient, resulting in both lower costs and lower claims. By using machine learning algorithms, the quality also increases. The tool has now been implemented in 8 countries. In the animation you can see the power of CMF® in a nutshell. Our combined technical and statistical filter for the claims management process offers different types of solutions:

  • Claims-ratio improvement, 5%-20% lower
  • Claims handling: 20%-50% lower costs
  • Technical and statistical analysis
  • Improving the quality of the damage repair process
  • Detect potential fraud
  • Updating and improving the technical rules
  • Validation of a portfolio (for example: shareholders, audits, etc.)
  • Review of repair companies and experts (repairer classification)
  • The more efficient use of experts

The benefits of Claims Management Filter®

No unnecessary use of experts

CMF® determines per claim which steps need to be taken. Claims handlers are therefore only used for necessary cases.

Results CMF® give guidelines

The reports that follow from CMF® provide insight into the claims handling and points for optimization.

Control of repair costs

CMF® offers optimal control with savings in both costs and time without compromising the quality of the repair.

Check each claim

CMF® carefully checks each claim for all relevant variables.

Proactive reporting

CMF® provides monthly advice on improving technical and statistical rules.

Fraud detection

Check for fraudulent claims, because CMF® analyzes large amounts of data in no time.

Download the CMF® whitepaper

Not so long ago, the period between a car accident, the claim process and the moment the vehicle became available would easily take weeks. Read in the whitepaper how CMF® provides convenience in the claims handling process.

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    The functionalities of Claims Management Filter®

    Technical rules

    The technical rules are the business rules that a claim must meet. Examples are: “The hourly rate for labor may not be higher than € …” or “If the point of application of the damage is left, no parts from the right side may be entered.”

    Statistical rules

    A database is formed from the customer’s data. This database serves as the basis for the statistical test for the claims that are assessed by CMF®. The database and the test are constantly kept up-to-date. In this way, the profitability of the company increases substantially!

    Speed ​​in decision

    Depending on the results of the technical rules and statistical test, CMF® provides an advice that is appropriate to the method of claim handling. Possible advice is for example:
    A. Pay out
    B. Call the customer for more information or do tele-expertise
    C. Send an expert.

    Machine learning

    The statistical test is arranged per customer with the available data. Modern models from statistics and machine learning are used to make the test as accurate as possible.


    Determine on the basis of scores how a claim relates to the market. It is checked whether the costs of materials and labor are in line with similar claims.


    Not just software, but software validated by a committee of scientists in the Netherlands.

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