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The German insurance market


Posthuma Partners enters the German insurance market

February 2017. We are happy to announce that we are on the right track with our new German partner, Matthias Bonikowski, based in Koln,  who will introduce IFM and CMF on behalf of Posthuma Partners on the German market.

In Germany, the insurance industry offers sustained risk protection and long-term precautions for citizens and industry alike. Its sustained long-term capital investment makes it an anchor of stability in the financial markets.

Property and casualty insurance covers an enormous range of risks for individuals and companies—from bicycles to wind turbines. Of the good 301 million policies in private and commercial property and casualty insurance, over 110 million risks are insured in motor insurance. A sound 54 million agreements are attributable to private property assurance, above all for protection against damage to contents and homes.

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