Analysis and control of a portfolio

The main question for every financial institution is: how to better control and predict the results of my company. Validation and business improvement are the steps that follow directly upon this first issue. The following questions often occur:


Which are the right premiums for my portfolio given claims expectations? And also for (sub) branches, for market segments and for homogeneous risk groups.

Portfolio profitability

How to improve my portfolio profitability?

Claim levels

  • What will be the claims levels – both in terms of cash-out and reserving – for the next few years under present company policy? And how can I manage these better?
  • How do I get insight in claims reserves? How can I be sure that I have met all requirements (including Solvency II, IAS/IFRS, ORSA)?

Smart acting

  • How can I act commercially smarter towards loyal policyholders?

Reinsurance requirements

  • How can I better test and determine my reinsurance requirements?


  • And last but not least: which is the minimal (internal) professional staffing and expertise required to address all the above questions? To what extent can intelligent software reduce the staffing requirements?

Our IFM® software, Integral Financial Modelling®, gives you the answer to all these questions. 

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