Data analysis and consultancy


Why data analysis and consultancy

Without being aware of it, data analysis brings a lot of added value for companies. The collected and unused data within a company is a treasure chest of possibilities.

Posthuma Partners has been advising since 1997. We enjoy improving the results of our customers, which is why we deliver customized solutions.

Our services consist of 2 models: standard consultancy or we temporarily support your team by bringing in adequate resources. Our flexible deployment of qualitative data analysts can compensate for the temporary shortage in your company. In this way, you can make clever use of the insights that are extremely important with regard to strategy, commerce, or the operational functioning of your company in a much faster way.

We are regularly asked to assist with assignments relating to:

  • Strategical data projects
  • Pricing of products and services
  • Actuarial questions
  • Validation of models and results
  • Certification of actuarial portfolio
  • Detailed analysis of portfolio

The consultancy areas


Due Diligence, Solvency II en IFRS17


(Re)organization of the actuarial department, both consulting and implementation


Implementing strategic risk management issues




Set up, assess and optimize reinsurance programs

Management consulting

Management consulting in risk management

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