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Internationally known software & consultancy firm

Posthuma Partners was established in 1997 by Bouke Posthuma and has developed in recent years into an internationally recognized software house with professional actuarial consultancy. By combining actuarial knowledge and management know-how into high-level software it offers a ‘need-to-have’ tool for every non-life insurance company, broker agency or expertise bureau that wants to improve the results of their core business.

Where is Posthuma Partners active?

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Marco Nijmeijer
Manager Software Development

PhD in physics. Worked for 6 years at several universities in USA, Belgium, France and Italy. Switched to the commercial sector.


Stijn Venrooij
Sales Director

With a Masters Degree Business Administration in the field of advising and change Stijn developed his passion for sales from a young age.


Scientific validated software

Posthuma Partners deviates from the crowd. Our software has been validated by a committee of scientists in The Netherlands. (Inter)national clients appreciate our solutions for more than 20 years and benefit every day from the advantages.


Posthuma Partners designs AI-powered software solutions especially for the financial sector. This includes out-of-the-box solutions for insurance claims evaluation, forecasting future cash flows and reserve requirements. The very latest AI techniques are made available in a swift and easy implementation.
Posthuma Partners actively participates in the Dutch AI Coalition (NL AIC).
The NL AIC is a public-private partnership, in which government, industry, educational and research institutions and civil society organizations work together.

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