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Privacy statement Posthuma Partners

Posthuma Partners values protection of privacy whilst developing technology. This privacy statement concerns all services and software delivered by Posthuma Partners and deals with how personal data of people is collected and why. By using services of Posthuma Partners you agree with the privacy measurements taken by Posthuma Partners as described in this statement.

Collecting personal data of people

Posthuma Partners might log personal data of people (low risk) when it concerns the Claims Management Filter. Some of the calculations sent to the Claims Management Filter contain: license plate, name, address and city. Incidental personal data of people might be in the data sent to Posthuma Partners for actuarial consultancy. In these cases, all necessary steps will be taken to comply with the GDPR law.

Use of personal data of people

Calculations, as described above, are logged and saved for statistical purposes for a period of 3 years including the current year. Posthuma Partners will not sell, rent or lease personal data of people to third parties and will never disclose this type of data.

Safety of personal data of people

Posthuma Partners protects the calculations that have personal data of people against unauthorized access, use and/or disclosure. The servers that are in use by Posthuma Partners are set in a safe and controlled environment, protected against unauthorized access, use and/or disclosure of its contents. Calculations that hold personal data of people are protected by a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and a Firewal.

Changes in the Privacy Statement

Posthuma Partners updates the Privacy Statement regularly to reflect feedback from its own organization as well as from customers. Posthuma Partners advises you to check this statement regularly to be kept up to date with how Posthuma Partners makes the effort to protect your data.

Contact Information

Posthuma Partners appreciates any comments on this Privacy Statement. If you feel that Posthuma Partners did not act following this statement please contact We will react immediately in order to define the problem.