Stijn Venrooij

With a Masters Degree Business Administration in the field of advising and change Stijn developed his passion for sales from a young age. After his study he started working in recruitment where he developed his skills towards being a top-biller within a international organization. After 6 years his focus changed to building international consultancy teams to be of added value for global organizations, with great success. Through the ongoing years he combined his skills to be more innovative in the field of recruitment, consultancy and other industries. Stijn can be described as; involved, sincere, accurate and very proficient in communicating with the client. Within his role as Sales Director at Posthuma Partners he will focus on establishing the national and international growth of the company. For question regarding our A.I. Solutions, Data Science and Actuarial consultancy, feel free to contact him at;


Tel: +31 6 349 12 624