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New updates within IFM


New updates within IFM

Three innovations have been added to IFM. Our team has developed a number of additional options to work easier and more efficient with IFM. These new solutions are included in the new upcoming release. In the part below you get an overview of those three new solutions.

IFM Publisher
The publisher makes it possible to transfer results directly to Excel. This can be done with the use of customizable templates. You are able to customize your templates for, amongst others, management reports and periodic reports. With one push on the button you are able to make a nice looking report based on your own needs.

Portfolio approach/ mutual diversification
If you combine risks for different branches, mutual diversification may occur, so the overall risk of your portfolio is lower than the actual sum of the risks per branch. IFM takes this into account in the Portfolio approach. It is therefore possible to model different branches separately as well as branches together. IFM is unique in this respect.

Certainly, not an insignificant new feature are the new smileys. People with color blindness are having difficulty seeing the different colors in IFM. It is now possible to show smileys instead of colors.

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